What Are Dreams?
Did You Know that Dreams are Related to Immortality?

What are dreams?… There is something you do every day that plunges your psyche deep within your most intensely visible mystical power. You do it without thinking. They say that without it, you will die…

What is it?

To dream.

Why would you die? Read on.

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According to Wikipedia, a dream is a succession of ideas, images, and emotions that take place into our minds while sleeping. But is this statement true?

Woman Lucid Dreaming

Everyone has at least 5 dreams a night, but we seem to forget them.

Why is this?

Perhaps it is too much for us, to be aware of both the daytime and the nighttime.

What would change if we remembered our dreams? If we understood them?

Many people have reported the insight gained from remembering their dreams and understanding them. How did they do it?

A dream journal

What are Dreams?

Writing down your dreams as soon as you wake will remind your subconscious mind that you are interested in knowing what goes on during these moonlit hours. As you read your journal, you will become aware of many connections and understandings related to your life. You can see what is really going on beneath the surface – why you act the way you do, and perhaps what hidden desires that are driving your life patterns. You will also realize paths to your inspirations and solutions!

Here is a great article on how to dream journal

Finnish scientist Antti Revonsuo has explained in his Threat Response Theory the possibility that our minds use dreams as a sort of practice for real life. In this theory, the dreamer experiences situations she might not have experienced yet, in order to test out abilities and prepare mentally.

So, what are dreams anyway? Keep reading!

So, our mind is active, but our body is not. Where is the stimulus coming from?  Where are the ideas flowing from? 

What are dreams?

Native Americans have a fascinating answer – we have three souls! This culture believes that when we dream, one of these souls, our FREE-SOUL, visits other realms.

“Your soul dreams those dreams. Not your body. Not your mind. The soul travels all over the world when you dream.”

-Chippewa elder John Thunderbird

Isn’t it a challenging, liberating, beautiful, and perhaps terrifying idea to consider that perhaps dreams are not what we take them to be?

But maybe they are. Maybe they are exactly what you believe them to be. Maybe they are solely a subconscious experience, a genius part of our mind testing life scenarios. Or perhaps they are more than that. Perhaps our consciousness itself – what we truly are, what flows through us and gives us breath- is something that voyages while our body rests. It is up to you to decide. Do your research, follow your heart, listen to your intuition, and read on! And again, we get back to the same question: what are dreams?


Do you know what a lucid dream is? Have you ever had a lucid dream?

The very term “LUCID” reveals the significance of this type of dream. You are lucid… lucid while dreaming. You are aware that it is a dream. And at the moment that you are aware in general, you can do what you want in your dream. Everything is very clear.

You can create objects (houses, cars etc.), phenomena (storms, snowfalls, revolutions etc.), people (friends, relatives, enemies etc.), and so on.

You can do anything: you can fly, you can have erotic adventures, you can break any existing law. Usually, we rarely have these kinds of dreams. And when we do, they last a very short time.

Lucid Dreaming

They are controllable, referring to the actions, characters, things, etc. that can be created, but referring to their time, they are very short and we cannot them – but only by exercise.

Dreaming is imperative. It happens whether we want it to or not. And it might just change our entire understanding of life! It might just make things more vibrant, more beautiful, and more poetic. It might just make us more insightful, wise, and more ready to take on life. Dreams might just make us live.

Happy Dreaming!

May you have many beautiful voyages under the moon and under the sun!

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What are Dreams?


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What Are Dreams? Did you know that dreams are related to immortality?

What are dreams?

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