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We did our best to Reveal The Secret Of Immortality to the world and we hope you love being an immortal being!
We need you to make a donation, in order for us to continue our work and research regarding immortality.


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Improving this website is mandatory for us, as well as sharing all the knowledge related to immortality. We are proud that our research in this field is not in vain and we finally did discover the Secret to Immortality.

In order to maintain our website on the first page of Google, we need to continue investing serious money in SEO (Search Engine Optimizing), to continually update our blog with fresh writing about immortality, and to grow our Social Links. We also spend money on email marketing, because our subscribers need to enjoy the subject herein. Our website maintenance, design, and optimization is also a must.

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Even though there are many methods that can make you immortal on this website, we stick to Chris George's book, "Immortality" in which, the subject herein is presented in a fascinating, unique and original way that makes you wonder about the complexity of life, its mystery, and wonders...

As a gift from us, after you make a donation, you will have instant access to this book.


For this criteria to be met, please understand that the minimum recommended donation is $10 because we spent a lot of money on our research campaigns as well as on our promotion ones.

In other words, if you use the 'DONATE TO UNLOCK THE SECRET OF IMMORTALITY' button below (not the form from above), you will automatically receive the e-book "Immortality" after you complete your donation process. Instead, if you want to donate less than $10, you can use the above form (but you won't receive the e-book).

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We would also like to produce an independent movie based on the book “Immortality”. For this we need money to/for:
-> write a professional script
-> pay the cast and crew (actors, cameramen etc.) 
-> music production
-> video montage
-> and so on. 
Donors will have FREE access to this movie after releasing. 


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With these being said, we wish you a Happy Immortal Life and, of course, Happy Donations! 🙂

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