The Elixir Of Immortality Does Exist!

Elixir of immortality: The Secret Of Immortality – REVEALED! Have you ever asked yourself these questions:  Does the elixir of immortality really exist?  Can I become immortal?  Is it possible for me to live forever?
The elixir of immortality is a mythical potion that, when drunk at a certain time, from a certain cup, gives the drinker eternal life.


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Today we will not discuss about the elixir of immortality as a potion, but as a controversial book that reveals the secret to immortality.

At a quantum level all matter is energy, and all energy is information. There are many ways in which we accumulate, or ingest the information that surrounds us. In like manner, if we speak about a magical potion or a magical book, we can affirm that both are made from the same stuff: INFORMATION. If you are still skeptical about this subject, please read this post: Is Immortality Possible .

elixir of immortalityMost of us perceive the world through our 5 senses: sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste. This perception of reality is made by decoding the information. Consequently, your mind decodes this information by taking into consideration some of these factors: 

  • Your past experiences
  • Your identity
  • Your inner beliefs (conscious or unconscious)
  • Your memories (thoughts, feelings, emotions)
  • Etc.

So, where do I find the elixir of immortality? Keep reading!

Therefore, if you have strong beliefs that the elixir of immortality does not exist, you simply have a perception that the elixir of immortality does not exist. Instead, if a part of you feels that the elixir of immortality could exist, you open yourself up to new possibilities, and implicitly you create a new reality around yourself. A reality in which you are capable of perceiving and understanding the information that comes to you.

In this case, I can tell you that you have come to the right place! 

Immortality is a unique book that can offer you what you have been searching for for ages: the elixir of immortality! 

Elixir Of Immortality - book


“The author, Chris George, proposes to his readers a fantastic book with an ancient, but always new theme: immortality

This book arose after a great amount of literature and sociological readings which have settled in layers over the author’s mind and soul. But in the meantime, many other questions and feelings have taken shape…”

I wrote this book because I wanted to offer YOU the possibility of living forever! (Chris George)

Elixir of Immortality (author Chris George)

“The book expresses the result of a feverish search for the inner self.  Therefore, we can now see how Chris’s book emerged from various febrile interrogations addressed to the self and to the reality that influences one’s present and afterlife existence.

The book Immortality, also known as The Elixir of Immortality, is constructed as a continuous dialogue between author and reader, the two factors existing in a sustained interaction. This dialogue meets the attributes of a true lesson of existence and immortality, and also meets some well-known didactic and methodical principles; the principles of:

  • Systematization
  • Generalization
  • Accessibility
  • Attractiveness
  • Individual work
  • And creativity

It is, therefore, a book to be read with a pencil in hand in order to fill in the blanks generously offered to the reader for recording his

  • Observations
  • • Impressions
  • • Memories
  • • Dreams
  • • And feelings.

Filling in the blanks from the eBook

Funny and serious alike is the use of the theme of the turkey hen, by which the author gives a suggestive dimension to the human condition, confidence in man’s power to define the destiny, to guide it step by step towards one’s own possible and achievable immortality.” – prof. John Gregory

 Here’s what you can achieve by drinking the elixir of immortality:

• Inner PEACE
• UNDERSTANDING of some “strange” phenomena in your life, such as: 
Dreams (the experiences during sleep)
Paranormal Phenomena
Clinical Death
False Awakenings
And others!

If you want to enjoy learning about areas like:

  • • Spirituality
  • • Dreams
  • • Quantum Physics
  • • Psychology
  • • Lucid Dreaming
  • • Esoteric Field
  • • Paranormal
  • • Law of Attraction
  • • Deja-Vu
  • • Metaphysics

Then this book is just for you!

Immortality defies the laws of reality, and goes beyond the barriers of the mind!



Susan: “Life has changed for me completely ever since I came across this amazing book! I had some serious questions at the back of my mind all these years. Finally, I can find some real answers and learn all about the conscious creation of my reality. The book is very easy and simple to follow and offers well-organized information on understanding the dreams, coincidences, and premonitions in our lives. Blessings!”

Helen: “My perception of the world significantly changed after I read the e-book Immortality. I understood how our subconscious mind decodes the information about immortality. Thanks to this e-book, I can now modify my reality because I’m more powerful than I ever thought possible. Thank you, Chris!”

Mark: “I was troubled by my past, and my mind was forever flooded with terrible thoughts about dying. Needless to say, I was very unhappy deep down. However, I am truly glad I came across this marvelous book my friend ordered for me. My life changed after that, and I realize that things are not always what they seem. Now I have no fear of death, and it is as if my body has become free and liberated. I also feel a positive change in me and so do the people around me. Go ahead and explore the book for yourself.”

Sang Wang: “I really want to thank my father for giving me the best present of my life. He knew that I was spiritually inquisitive and was looking for some answers. Now, thanks to this wonderful book on dreams, quantum physics, psychology and paranormal phenomena, I finally have all the answers I was looking for. I feel peace and happiness from within. Thank you.”

Jack: “I stumbled across this website quite by accident… While browsing the blog I became intrigued by what I read. It’s kind of funny how we view the world, but how it actually works is pure intelligence. Immortality is quite different from anything I’ve ever read, but I really enjoyed it.”

Sarah: “Chris effortlessly uses his literary magic in pleasing ways to bring to you the experience of immortality. “Immortality” is so rejuvenating to the reading experience! It should leave its mark on the way you view life. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about their true nature.”

Nicole: “I want to tell everyone that Chris George opened my eyes. It’s so simple to understand immortality. In fact, it’s a matter of opening your eyes. I can’t divulge the secret from the book, but I can tell you guys to read it. It’s a must! Thanks, Chris!”


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The Elixir Of Immortality Does Exist!

Elixir of Immortality!

Elixir of Immortality!

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