Esotericism and Immortality

Esotericism and Immortality

Esotericism can be described as information that has been accepted neither by the scientific establishment nor by orthodox religious authorities.

Transcendentalism is an example that began developing in the late 1820s.

Spiritualism emerged in the 1840s.

These doctrines of thought provide the intriguing concept of "mind over matter".

Occultism, Theosophy, and Magic are other esoteric philosophies that continue to show their faces.

The lure of esotericism could arguably be the liberation that individual thought brings. Having answers spoon-fed to a population leads to a dull and unenlightened individual. When one's mind becomes free to explore all possibilities, all theories, and all philosophies; there is an exhilarating sense of owning one's own destiny, and owning one's own thoughts. 

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As discussed in previous articles, it is quite obvious that there is a need of humans to explore the unknown, and a distinct unshakable possibility that the unknown is in fact even more unknown than we think.

The possibilities of reality being shaped by previously unseen layers stretch as far as the Universe does.

Esotericism is a means of playing with these forces. It is means of discovering new "laws" we did not know before. It is way of harnessing power.

Ancient esoteric cultures such as Wicca can be instrumental to these means. If one has a quest for knowledge and a thirst for the unknown, exploration of these subjects will be thrilling and fulfilling.

Esotericism - Wicca

But bewarned when playing with the laws of energy: any intention you send out will come back to you. According to Wicca, your actions will return to you thrice. According to the Kabbalah, your actions will return to you seven times.

Use these ancient sacred practices with reverence, respect, and responsibility. When utilizing these arts, do your research and be prepared. Keep the good of all in mind always, and everything you do will be beautiful for yourself and the world around you.

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