How To Become Immortal: 5 Ways!

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How To Become Immortal: 5 Ways!

1. The matter of ‘how to become immortal’ has been the topic of discussion since the beginning of history.

The beginning of history… It is quite interesting how we are taught to believe in concepts that may not always be true. For instance, you are taught that there is a beginning. And then, of course, logically any "beginning" consequently has an "end". You say “thank you” when someone gives you something. You are trained to react to a sad situation with sad feelings. Growing up you learned that you are made of your body and mind. And therefore you are your mind and body...  

We learned that death exists and nobody can escape it. 

Usually, you look around and you do things that other people do. You get a job, get married, have kids, get divorced, struggle to make money and so on. You also live in a hurry all the time, because time not only exists but passes very quickly. And, of course, if time passes you subsequently form the belief that you will get old and eventually die… 

how to become immortal

Many times, because of the routine of your thoughts, the idea of how to become immortal is not introduced into your conscious mind. It remains hidden in your subconscious. This may happen because you are not yet ready to discover the secret of immortality.

For the whole article on ‘how to become immortal’ please read Is Immortality Possible?   

2. Science is another way by which you can approach the very subject discussed here: how to become immortal.

Science talks about telomeres and how the degradation of the body is strictly related to these telomeres. Here is an interesting video about this subject. For some strange reasons, I don't know why the video ends suddenly...

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3. How to become immortal: Proof that people can live longer than expected.

According to Wikipedia, Li Ching-Yuen was a Chinese herbalist, martial artist and tactical advisor, known for his supposed extreme longevity. He claimed to be born in 1736, while disputed records suggest 1677. Both claimed lifespans of 197 and 256 years old. Quite interesting, huh?

How to become immortal (Li Ching-Yuen)

Another interesting story is the story of Ben Abba, a man who claimed that he found an immortal man of 2800 years old. He could not disclose his identity because of security reasons.

Abba says he has learned three important lessons from this immortal man:

a. Do not believe in fear. Believe instead in the “opposite of fear” which is love.

b. Do not believe in death. Believe instead in the “opposite of death” which is life.

c. Do not live your lives believing in fear and in death, but instead, live your lives believing in love and in life.

This is a very interesting interview with Ben Abba talking about the secrets of how to become immortal.

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4. The fourth method of becoming immortal is with the help of homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a system of complementary medicine in which the pills are made by diluting the matter. The more you dilute the matter, the more energy you obtain in a pill. Before I continue with the explanation of what homeopathy is, please watch the video below to see that we are all made of energy.

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So, when a pill is diluted you obtain more energy which interacts with your body (which is also energy). Homeopathy has the principle that like attracts like. In other words, if you do not suffer from a liver condition and you receive a treatment that is created to cure a liver ailment, you could get your liver sick. According to the video below, the same principle is created, but this time with the purpose of defeating death. A frog that died from natural causes is used, and by obtaining a dilution (according to the principles of homeopathy) you obtain a substance that can prevent death. Please see the video below for details!

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5. The fifth way in which you can become immortal is by reading the eBook Immortality.

Even though I have presented other methods which may be helpful for you, I have only experienced this one. Thus, I can say that you can discover the real secret of 'how to become immortal' in the eBook Immortality by Chris George.

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Here's what you can achieve by reading the eBook "Immortality"

• Inner PEACE
• UNDERSTANDING of some “strange” phenomena in your life, such as:
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Maegan: “I found it really interesting. It reminded me a little bit of Einstein’s theory of relativity.
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Author, Chris George

Chris George - Immortality

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How to become immortal by Chris George

Immortality - Revealed!

How To Become Immortal: 5 Ways!

How To Become Immortal!

How to become immortal: 5 Ways!

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